Thursday, December 11, 2014


To begin, NO, I’m not pregnant....yet. ;) 

But I am the healthiest I have been in years - praise the Lord! 

I did the 21 Day Ultimate Reset (more info here ---> - I cut out dairy, grains, caffeine, sugar, annnnd working out for 3 loooong weeks. 

Yes. I stopped working out for a while. How crazy is that?! ;)

I did some small stuff every 3 days or so, but really I just let my body recover and heal. It was HARD, especially for someone like me who is always wanting to move! 

But I am so glad that I did it...and that my husband lived in the process (I can get a little grumpy without working out...heh). 

And you know what y’all? About 12 days ago, I became a woman for the first time in 4 years! heh. Maybe TMI for most people, but not for a blog labeled “endo confessions”. If you are lost on what I’m talking about - I got my period. 

I’ve been on drugs, hormones, shots, etc...for so long that I actually haven’t had a real “Aunt Flo” in years. And I was so thrilled when it did arrive because it was “normal”. I had cramps and they were honestly amazing!

That sounds crazy to say, but let me explain why it was so great....

A cramp isn’t the endometriosis pain. It’s like heaven compared to what a woman feels with endo.

It wasn’t the shooting pains down my sides and down my legs. It wasn’t the stinging in my ovaries the crushing weight in my pelvis, the throwing up and other stomach issues. I could actually move and be “normal”...and use the bathroom without hurting (glory, hallelujah!).

Was it the Ultimate Reset that helped? I think partly. My diet has been pretty clean as can be. Also, a drastic reduction in the amount of stress in my life. 

And prayer.  LOTS of prayer. 

So here we are - mid-December - and in the first time in years my body is acting normally. The doctor told me that this might not happen for another 2-3 months off the drugs. 

But prayer changes everything...even the things that seem impossible.

Whatever it is that YOU are going through, look to the one who created you and formed you - who knows you. Trust that he hears you and keep calling out to him. 

I’m asking you to pray with me, with us, that we can get pregnant. Prayer is powerful. I truly believe that our Creator (and Healer) hears us when we cry out to Him.

Pray that we also continue to trust in the Lord during this time, knowing that his timing is far better than my own. 


“By faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed, and she bore a child... because she judged Him faithful who had promised” ~Hebrews 11:11


  1. So incredibly excited for you. We went through IVF with Quinn and LOTS of infertility treatments with Alana. It wasn't until God injured me "just enough" to slow me down (I pulled my hamstring but could still go for walks) that I was able to finally get pregnant with Alana. It's amazing what taking a break can do for your body. Of course there is no guarantee and it's scary b/c we don't know how our bodies and minds will respond to the loss of endorphins but to be "normal" and truly "healthy" makes it all worth it. CONGRATULATIONS friend!

  2. Oh I am so glad that you got your monthly visitor! I call it Leroy and not Aunt Flo but either way I am glad it was regular.

    I am sure you have tried it all and heard of things but here are a few supplements that really help when I was cycling:

    Royal Jelly (in honey...a spoonful a day!)
    Red Raspberry tea
    Dong Quai (herb)
    Maca Root

    Best of luck and TONS of prayers!!