Friday, December 19, 2014

Always HOPE

The holidays are a great time of family and friends getting together for many people, but it can also be a time of sadness, loss, and hurting for others. I just wanted to post this little note for those who are going through trials and pain to find HOPE in the struggle. There are promises for your future just waiting to unravel.

Last year around this time, we were caring for my mother as she battled cancer. We were praying for her to hold strong after surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Our hearts were hurting so badly. I was also single, on meds that put me in medical menopause at the age of 31, and unsure of the future. 2014 didn’t seem promising to me then. In fact, it was downright scary.

Mom and I after surgery 
Today my mom is healthy and getting stronger every day (praise God!). Our family has so much to be thankful for. I am a newly wed (whaaaaaa?!?!) and planning (and praying) for a family. I am also a new business owner, venturing out into the world of online coaching with my own personal training and even more group fitness. I LOVE helping people to become more healthy and happy!

Mom and I during her treatments,
teaching me how to rejoice ALWAYS
Our wedding day - November 1’st - so perfect 

There are many unknowns an “what ifs?” ahead, but there is always HOPE too. I’m not sharing all this to brag about how happy my life is now (there is always more than what is online, people, trust me...haha). I am sharing this to encourage you to look up, to see the blessing in the moment and to rejoice in the madness of it all (just like momma taught us to do as she fought her cancer battle). I am sharing to remind you that you are not alone - tomorrow brings more hope and promises. You just have to hold on. You will get through this time, whatever it is you are going through.

You WILL overcome as long as you hold to hope.

From our family to yours - MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here is to a new year of promises for the future.

Keep on keepin’ on, friends. xoxo


  1. Been a follower since IM Branson days, glad to see your 2014 turned out better than expected.

  2. Merry Christmas and here's to 2015!

  3. Ahhh....2014...who would have "thunk" it! And here's to many more great years!