Sunday, July 15, 2012

I got my LIFE back...and then some.

Well, dang skippy! I just up and disappeared from the blog world for a couple of months, which I’m guessing is pretty obvious. Mostly because of this thing called IRONMAN TRAINING that eats up all the time I have to spare. But also because of Twitter and Facebook, where it just happens to be quicker and easier to express myself, socially network and share.

Still, for those of you who've stuck around for the duration of the dry spell:

I’m still here, rockin’ at life. (I just don’t have much to write about...besides training & racing)

In other words....
  • I’m the healthiest I have been in years. No pain. No sickness. And it is the best thing ever. 
  • I’m single...still. So you can send me flowers if you want to. ;)
  • I’m happy. Really happy. 
Yesterday, I rode my bike 100 miles. Today, I ran 9 miles. Tomorrow, I’ll begin another week of 22+ hours of training.

And in 112 days, I’ll be racing Ironman Florida.

In the meantime, I’m slowly reading all the blogs from everyone that I have missed the past couple of don’t be surprised if you get some random comments from me on your old posts. I’m catching up! :)