Friday, February 10, 2012

My Blogging Sabbatical

I haven’t posted in a while due to LIFE, so here is a quick break down of the last 8 weeks or so...

December’ish - I drove to NY and visited my sis in queens for a few days. Then drove from NY to FL to visit the rest of my family. Then drove from FL back home to AR. Uhhhh, yep. I got lost about 20x and listened to at least 6 audio books (not all the way through, of course. I’m too ADD for that...).

January’ish - I moved out of my house. I was way too freaked out living alone. I kept a nice hefty wooden bat under my bed, but that didn’t help calm my nerves any. I was in a great neighborhood, just not happy alone. I’m back at Kevin & Kim’s house. I love being with them...and I love NOT being alone.

February’ish - Cooking like a vegan maniac! ...okay, not that extreme. But I’ve gone back to my lovely diet of all veggies, fruits, beans, and some nuts - basically anything nutrient dense. It always makes for some pretty interesting recipes... But I always feel like a ROCKSTAR when I eat healthy. My latest addiction is The Green Monster smoothie. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, heavenly bliss!

So, as you can see, the reason I haven’t blogged is because my life is too boring I’ve been a little busy.


Did I mention that I’m training for an Ironman? Pretty sure I have.  Oh, in between the hours and hours of biking, running, and swimming, I have been eating...and sleeping. :)

*Health update: I’ve haven’t had any pain in months. I’m still on the lo-seasonique and feeling amazing.