Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can I get an Amen, yo!??!?!

Who has two thumbs, phenomenal test results, extraordinary health, and a thankful heart???



I went to the doctor for another check up. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was scheduled to go, but also had some concern over bleeding caused by a little extra estrogen from the BC. He changed me from the Seasonique to the LoSeasonique - for any ladies wondering.

I had some fun tests done (total sarcasm) annnnnnd....I’m GOLDEN, y’all. :) No sign of disease...

My past of weekly doctor visits have been reduced to 2x a year. WOOT WOOT!

Can I get an Amen, yo!?!??!?!

This next year is going to be killer amazing!!! I’m the healthiest I have been since 2006 when I first got sick. Awwwwww snap! 2012 better watch out. I’m going to rock it like a U2 concert (and yes, U2 is the best rock band ever)!!!


  1. Amen, homeslice!


    Now, as far as U2 being the best rock band ever... we'll' have to discuss that in more detail!

  2. Friggin awesome!

    U2 concerts are legit.

  3. Congrats on the good news!

    P.S. are you planning on doing Branson 70.3 again?

  4. Just had to drop by and thank you for your optimism. You are so inspiring! I've lived through four surgeries now, including a total hysterectomy. I applaud your ability to keep running the race and keep your head held high. God promises a new body some day and that's what I look forward to. Keep on keeping on!

  5. This is awesome news P! Ending the year with a bang and getting ready to throw it down in 2012! Oh yeah, amen to that!

  6. Amen! That is absolutely fantastic news!

  7. AMEN!!

    Isn't it such a wonderful/amazing/incredible feeling to finally feel well again?!? Love this for you!!