Friday, September 2, 2011

The yellow light

This post is not that happy. It kinda sucks actually. I hate to sound like a debbie downer, but I’m definitely feeling a little bit of that tonight. 

Before I go into why--let me throw out some awesome positives. :-) 

I moved this week into my own place and I love it. I’m still getting used to sleeping alone but that’ll come. haha. Another great thing this week--I got a tri bike. It was kind of an unplanned thing, but I absolutely love my little cervelo already. I named him The Howitzer (nicknamed Howie). To add to those awesome things, I have been feeling great in my 17 hour training week--well, with all my muscles, bones, and joints.  


In some areas, my stupid body is not happy. 

It’s not my muscles. I’m not tired or sore. 

It’s not an injury. My ankle, hips, and everything in motion are feeling awesome. 


My stupid female parts are acting up in a bad way. I usually tell all when it comes to this blog, but I just don’t feel like dishing the hell of it all tonight. All I will say is that I’ve been in a lot of pain down there...and lately it hurts to move. I don’t want to tell anyone though. I don’t want to go to the doctor again. I don’t want to address the issue because I hate it. I realize that I sound like a whining brat when I complain about this, but I hate it and I wish that I could ignore it. I wish that this wasn’t an issue with my training. With it being so close to the Branson 70.3 race (16 days!), I’m scared that this won’t heal up in time. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to do my best and enjoy the 6 hour (or more) race because of stuff. 

Obviously, I won’t ignore my body. I can’t. And I have to address the issue and go back to the doctor. 

I’m just whining tonight--throwing a fit at my body for giving me the yellow light. 

Yet thanking God for giving me the smarts to recognize when I need to slow down before it’s too much as I don’t want to. 


I seriously hate this disease, y’all. 

I hate what it does to me and so many others. 

And with that, I’m going to sleep so that I can get some much needed rest and wake up for a short little recovery ride instead of the 4 hour ride that I so desperately wanted to do with the group. 

Life is full of surprises. Ups and downs. And occasionally, moments of slowing down. 

Nighty night, friends. Say a prayer for me, please. I know God’s got this. :-) 

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”
 ~Oscar Wilde 


  1. Hope you feel better. I'll be praying for you. :)

  2. I thought of you today. I hope you feel better. I know you have been inspiring me with all those bike rides:) God Bless.

  3. Thank you ladies! I felt a TON better this morning. I was able to do a 3 hour ride and then a nice little run. I am definitely happy and THANKFUL! :-)