Sunday, September 25, 2011

Post-race blues

I sat on my butt all week, eating food that I normally stay far away from--fried chicken, steak, cookies, ice cream, and bread (yeah, lots of bread). I watched plenty of Seinfeld episodes, hung out with non-triathlete friends, went through hours of vocal training (while bidding my wicked cold goodbye), took naps, and wandered around my house aimlessly even though I had plenty of work to get done.

I ignored the laundry piles, the papers I needed to write up, and everything else that was begging for my attention. I became a blob, completely lacking the motivation to do anything.

My coach had told me to take the week completely off because of how sick I had been. I think I went a little past his advice by pigging out on everything bad for me. I seriously went out of my way to eat junk food. I don’t even like candy and I found myself eating it...just because I don’t usually do it. 

And I moped. A lot. 

What the heck is my deal? 

One of my buddies brought up post-race depression today--as I was dragging my butt (and complaining) while getting back on my bike for a ride. I laughed at him over the suggestion. 

And then I Googled it. 


It seems that this post-race depression is actually real. Who’d a thought these blues could have some actual reasoning behind them? From what I’ve learned, it sometimes occurs after a big event that an athlete has trained so long and hard for-- then after reaching the goal--they suddenly don’t know what to do with their time. 

Mission completed. Life is now pointless. Yup, that sounds about right. 

Of course, I think it has a lot to do with all those happy-hormones that get released during exercise. My body has been seriously deprived of the endorphines (or serotonin, or dopamine, or whatever the heck causes the high). With my crash injuries, being sick, and then hitting up some time of recovery after the 70.3, I’ve been motionless and drained.

Like I wrote previously, I did what I could to wait it out. Ate chocolate, emailed a million friends, played music, bought flowers, enjoyed some Baileys, watched mindless movies, slept in, ate some more, and all that other “great” stuff.

None of it releases those happy-hormones though. 

I’ve got the post-race blues. 

So what to do now???

Fortunately, I’ve got the Marine Corps marathon in 5 weeks. Hopefully, that will be a little motivation to get my lazy bum moving. ‘Cause right now I’m tempted to carry on this recovery week a little bit longer, eat some more chocolate, and mourn the ending of my tri season. 



  1. i can relate--i always feel crappy after i finish something big, whether i do well or not. you're doing all the right stuff: treating yourself kindly and looking forward to the next thing.

    hill repeats!!

    (love, your sister renee)

  2. The human body is absolutely crazy, but the post race blues totally make sense. Hope you can get out of that funk soon love... Good luck!

  3. Thanks for all your encouragement Nee and SIF. :-) I’m sure I’ll shake these blues soon.