Thursday, September 29, 2011

My GUILTY Pleasures

I have finally been getting off my bum and training again, which is a GREAT thing since I have the Marine Corps marathon in a month. I imagine that 26.2 miles will not be very fun if I don’t train for it. Snap.

My post-race blues have up and gone (yay!), but not before I indulged in a few of my favorite guilty pleasures. Yes, on the outside I look innocent and wholesome: A total fitness freak in love with anything healthy. A family gal who adores my sisters and brothers. A sweet, Christian girl. :-)

But inside, I am a wild child.


I indulge in guilty pleasures. Especially when suffering from post-race blues.

No, I’m not doing anything illegal. It’s worse: It involves M&M’s. And that’s just one of my guilty pleasures.

I’m sure you have your own. You know, those secret little indulgences you’d rather not admit to. Appetites that make you look lazy or unhip. Preferences that reveal your lack of taste, brains or will power.

I don’t know about you, but after a week (or two) of indulging, I feel like I need to fess up. Here’s my top ten list of guilty pleasures, friends. Oh, and I’m pretty sure 67.8695% of this list is all about food.

1) BREAD! Bread for breakfast. Bread for lunch. Bread for dinner. Bread for snacks. You get the point.

2) Writing, singing, and playing piano covers to popular rap songs. Totally serious. I make a bag of popcorn and some hot tea, sit down in front of my keyboard, find a fun rap song and turn it into a chillaxed jazz song with my weird, wispy, low voice. My favorites to play are: Lollipop by Lil Wayne, Love the Way You Lie by Eminem and Rhianna, Grenade by Bruno Mars, and last but not least, Hey Ya by Outkast. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but I never claimed to be cool. :-) I think I might video record one of these jam out sessions and put it on YouTube. I’m pretty sure it would give plenty of laughs to my family and friends.

3) Waking up really early and watching a movie instead of training. I don’t know why, but something about laying around when I am usually working my butt off thrills me.

4) Baileys. I don’t drink much or often, but when I do, Baileys is my choice. Oh, and I can’t tell you how many times I am tempted to add some to my chocolate protein shakes. True, but scary.

5) Reading blogs. I count this as a guilty pleasure because I could literally spend hours and hours reading everyone’s posts. I love reading about other people’s lives and staying updated. Creepy?? haha

6)  Listening to a guy with an accent talk. Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about a guilty pleasure – I could listen to a guy with an accent talk all day long. I met a guy last week with an Australian accent, and I turned to complete mush. I don’t even know what he was talking about because I couldn’t stop thinking about his voice. This is one guilty pleasure I don’t get to experience often, but when I do, I can’t get enough.

7)  I almost never answer my phone. It is always on silent and I don’t like to pick it up, but will text back almost immediately. Hmmm...

8) “Creeping” on Facebook: Also known as stalking in the real world. This usually occurs when there is some sort of work I’m supposed to be doing, but can’t seem to focus. So I start to click away on friends of friends profiles going through their pictures, and after an hour of that I realize that I am on my cousins best friend’s sister’s roommate’s page and just learned that she get’s a little crazy after 7 jello shots. Then instead of clicking out of the page I see what her boyfriend looks like.

9) Peanut butter M&M’s. I keep a massive bag of them in my freezer. Sometimes I wake up at 4am, eat a couple, and go back to bed for an hour. They make me happy.

10) Taking Super Long Showers – Ok, I’m guilty: I do not take a shower every single day. Call me gross, call me disgusting, call me dirty, call me whatever you want. I try to take one after every workout, but sometimes when I get home, I pass out on the couch....or spend too much time on the phone...or figure that the chlorine from my pool swim was good enough. Anyways, when I do take showers, I could probably be done in 5-10 minutes. But no, I end up just standing under boiling hot water for another 10-15 minutes. Very wasteful? Yes. Great way to clear your mind and relax? Heck yes. And I love it.


I feel a TON better getting all of that out. Now I can go do my hour tempo run with a clear conscience and smile on my face. Snap!


  1. What a hilarious post! I think you should record and post some of your rap covers! Also, i am completely with you on blog reading...just can't stop. Lastly, the FB creeping thing is too funny. I get easily sidetracked and waste crazy amounts of time click on links and links and links!

  2. Okay I really want to see your rap cover sessions!!

  3. Oh I love you! Ha! And I'm with Michaela - video proof of these rap sessions is going to need to be presented to me ASAP!

    And in other news - I DO take showers every day, and I still take ridiculously long ones. I can't help it. I dont' think there is a whole lot that is more relaxing than a really hot shower. Makes me happy inside!

  4. Thanks y’all! Don’t put it past me to post a piano-rap session. I’m all about youtube. I think I posted my twizzler dancing video on here somewhere...

    SIF, hot showers are the bomb diggity!

  5. I have a really bad addiction to M&M's too! lol!

    Playing piano covers of rap songs! Bahahaha! I would love to hear that! Sounds fantastical!

  6. mmmmm baileys! I'm pretty guilty of many of those things...and like you I don't shower every day (at least now I can blame the baby...but truth is I've never showered every day)...of course when i do shower I love to stand under the water for much longer than necessary. It's bad cause I have a reputation for being the "eco-friendly" person shhh don't tell!

    P.S. I can't wait for you to have a little doll of your own one day either ;)

  7. Look here I'm 'stalking' you... I go blog hopping and see who else is out there!!! (looks like you are)

    Now you have to make a you tube video for us...

    and don't worry you don'y need to shower if you swam. (unless your on a date)

    You M & M's me slabs of chocolate...

  8. I'm back and I've just read a couple more of your posts and i don't know why you would be depressed looks like you have a great race. I would only be depressed about taking a week off... I don't do rest very well. would love to coach you, some-one who listens when it comes to rest... most of my boys just keep on running (a bit like me...)

    Marathon comeing up good luck.