Sunday, August 21, 2011

The twins are here! The twins are here!

Hayden and Carter Jetton were born earlier this week. My whole family has been in Florida--lovin’ and huggin’ on these two precious babies and their momma. I wish I was there too, but...someday...hopefully soon. I can’t wait to hold and kiss ‘em.

Alicia, Carter, and Hayden Jetton

Besides the amazing news of having another niece and nephew to add to the family :-) -- I raced my second sprint tri this weekend. I placed second overall. It was a small race, but I’ll take the podium finish. I love this sport--and racing against others gives me such a rush.

2’nd tri. 2’nd place. 

I logged 16 hours of training this week and 162 miles. Not too shabby. Not too shabby. 

Branson is just around the corner...


  1. Aw, the twins are so cute! Congrats to you and Alicia obviously!

    And look at you go - 2nd overall is awesome! Congrats!

  2. The twins are too cute!

    Congrats on second place girl!!

  3. Repeat comment from DM: Congrats on 2nd! That is a nice little tune up for Branson, which you are going to rock with all the awesome training you have been putting in. No doubt!
    The twins are beautiful and your family is so blessed to have each other.
    I also wanted to mention that your piano piece from the prior post was absolutely moving. I was in tears and it takes a lot to get me to that point.

  4. Hello, I just found your website as I am one week into my first Lupron injection and the tiredness and weakness is hitting me hard. From what I've read from many sites, I am trying to prepare for much more to come and am quite scared. Thank you for sharing your experience! I am nervous to read more, as I have found few positive things about this drug, but I am very encouraged by your story and perseverance. Kelli

  5. kelli- thank you for leaving a comment. Don’t be scared, hun. It’s a harsh drug--yes, but you will get through it. Sometimes it will be hard because you will be struggling physically AND emotionally. Just remember during these difficult times that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. You will get through it. I hope my honesty in my experience doesn’t scare you. I hope it encourages you to look to the finish line. :-)

    Kc- Thanks for the compliment on my music. That’s very sweet of you! As for Branson, I’m beyond excited since I’ve been training so hard (but still only hitting half as many weekly miles as you! haha).

    Thanks for the comments, ladies. I love hearing from y’all!

  6. Oh they are precious!! And 162 miles?!? How are your legs not falling off?!?