Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Life has given me too many opportunities to make complete fool of myself.  Unfortunately, I seem to seize each one of these moments whole heartedly. 

I’ve had some things happen in my life recently that have proved this point even more. No need to get in a huff now, but I’ve definitely learned some hard lessons. God keeps reminding me to keep my mouth shut (and my typing fingers from documenting each emotional tailspin in my life). I failed to realize that this is, in fact, a blog that is published on the internet--open for anyone and everyone to see. I’ve moved past the stupidity of thinking no one would read my rambling words. I wish I would have been smarter. I wish I would have just let the chaos and loss in my life take it’s normal toll instead of pouring out my frustration onto someone and something that didn’t deserve it. 

I wish I would have stepped back, seen my own faults for what they were, and said, “nevermind”. 

I have a million other things to say, but...


It isn’t worth it.  Whatever or whoever I want to explain myself to would never listen to me.  I would end up getting myself into a situation that would effect me negatively and would have no positive effect on anyone.  Why would I waste my time and energy on something or someone like that?   

How many times have I allowed myself to get caught up in a battle that is not worth fighting? A conflict that is not my own?  How often do I dive into a situation that is none of my business, creating more stress and anxiety than I have the time or space for?

Am I the only one that feels this way? 


Save the energy for my family, training, God, and my job. I learned a valuable lesson from all this--that I need to be smart and pause long enough to think twice before making a foolish decision I would surely regret. 



I think I will stear clear of anymore unnecessary drama. 

And get on with my life. 

*But...FOR THE RECORD (and off the subject)...after being asked by 3 different people this past week where I got my boob job done....it’s worth saying a few words:

Ummmmm, I have never had a boob job. 

The estrogen is just giving me back my 27 year old body. 


Enough said. ;-)

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  1. I don't know what your exact situation is but believe me your not the only one who finds themselves getting caught up in drama that at the end of the day wasn't really yours to take on. I'm notorious for doing it. In my defense and yours if your anything like me if I care about someone I can't help but care when they have problems and I get upset for them, this usually ends in me saying or doing something stupid, or causing myself a ton of undue stress in my own life. But like you I'm trying to learn where the most positive directions to turn my energy are.