Monday, July 25, 2011

Lessons Learned

This morning, as I was going through some old boxes in the search for past school papers, I found an old journal of mine (See, I used to be smart about this stuff. I would write down my rambling thoughts in a notebook stashed away--instead of posting it all online). Flipping through some of the pages, I found a poem that a dear friend of mine had written years back. Travis, the author, was one of those guys who made every bad situation better, brought laughter in tears, and always had enough craziness to keep us on our toes...waiting for his next step. He was also a major encouragement to me after my first surgery. I received note after note from him--telling me that I was amazing, capable of doing anything I set my mind to, and beautiful. His words gave me smiles and hope--LOTS of hope--during a very tough time in my life. Months later, after I was back on my feet and recovered, Travis died in a motorcycle accident. I will never forget him and all the love, fun, and sweetness he added to my life--and so many others.

His poem, “Lessons Learned”, is exactly what I needed to read today. I hope it blesses you with some smiles as you read Trav’s words of wisdom, humor, and encouragement:

"Happiness lies in your own eyes.
No use in dwelling in sorrow.
Life comes at ya fast, so forget the past.
Today is yesterday's tomorrow.

Always show class and never your ass;
unless it involves drinks and a body of water.
When it's all said and done make sure you have fun;
but try to stay out of the police blotter.

Say what you feel and keep it real.
Don't look back and wish you had told them.
Just know when to talk and know when to walk.
Some words are best left unspoken.

You learn every day, sometimes the hard way,
but don't repeat the mistakes any longer.
Hold your head up with pride, push all fears to the side.
Each time you get up you'll be stronger.

In some lessons learned, bridges are burned.
It'll take time for them to be mended.
Still all the while, show them your smile.
Remind them of the one they befriended.

What really counts when it all amounts;
Are the friends you've made along the ride.
Whether near or far, no matter where you are.
You know they'll be at your side."

~Travis O'Bannon

Love you buddy. Thank you for so many funny and great memories. Miss you everyday, but I'll see you again soon.


  1. "Always show class, and never your ass" - LOVE it!

  2. Me too, SIF. It is even better considering Trav has mooned friends and I on multiple occasions. He was classy in his own kind of way. :-)

    I hope you are feeling better today. Been thinking and praying for ya this morning.