Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4’th in this unreal reality

I left Sebring early Sunday morning, drove through the night, and arrived in Arkansas at 5 this morning. I slept for about 5 hours before hopping on my bike for a 68 mile ride, then did a 3 mile light run to loosen up some. It was a good workout...but I’m exhausted, depressed, and I miss my family. I want to go back to FL. I want to be there with my brothers, Toni, and Alicia. I want to be there FOR them.

Today is the 4’th of July. A holiday that now means so much more to me. On the drive up, through a handful of states, there were Flags everywhere. Red, white, and blue decorations lined many of the streets and highways. Each was a reminder to me of the cost of freedom. Josh and so many others have given their lives for our country. Each flag that waved proudly reminded me of the flags held high to honor Josh when his body was brought back home. They remind me of what he gave--what he sacrificed--so unselfishly.

So many honored him. So many loved him.

I’m still processing it all. Even after seeing him and paying my respects.  Even after holding my family as they cried out for their friend and brother. Even after the week of saying goodbye in Sebring. I’m still processing. I’m still in shock.

Here in AR, it feels like I’m light years away from my family. It feels too far.

Toni, Me, Tom, and Josh sharing a family crazy moment back in the day
Happy 4’th, America. 

And thank you again to all those who have given everything for our freedom. 

We love and miss you, Josh. 


  1. Sincere condolences to you and all of Pfc. Jetton's friends and family. I had the honor of escorting Pfc. Jetton home from Orlando International Airport that Monday. May God comfort each of you as you move forward.