Sunday, July 24, 2011

Endo pain days are looooooooong gone!

I can’t stop smiling today. 

I biked 65 miles and then ran 3.1 right after. 

Remember that day when I was in so much pain and couldn’t move? The day I had to watch Kevin go on a 65 mile ride without me? I never would have thought about that day if Shauna hadn’t commented on the post a couple of days ago. But today, after my amazing bike ride, I realized...I had wanted to do a 65 mile bike ride that day and couldn’t because of the pain. 

Ahhhhh, that day is long gone! 

It’s amazing how God has taken me through the pain and sickness. I’m feeling so much better. I am so happy to be strong and healthy again! :-)


  1. Yayy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait until I can ride by bike again! You rock girlie!!!!

  2. You'll get there, girl! I promise there are brighter days ahead for you. I know that sometimes the pain can be so discouraging, but keep your head up and your heart hopeful. You will get through this.

  3. I am through the moon to read this! You DESERVE this pain free life my dear! Completely and totally!