Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The GIRLS are back!

My last of the Lupron shots was 5 weeks ago, which means that I might start feeling like a 27 year old again sometime this year. I can’t wait until the hot flashes and the pointless crying fade, but for now something else has grabbed my attention.


Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. My D cup size that the Lupron had sucked out of me. I was barely hitting a C cup for a few months. I felt like everything was just leaving me.

But not anymore.

My boobs are totally back. Yes, I feel swollen and they hurt, but I don’t care. Yes, my whole body is still dragging and tired, but that is fine. Yes, I’ve had a massive headache for 3 days now, but it’ll pass.

Hormones do some strange things to the body, especially when they are going whacky. I’m still crying over nothing and sweating in the freezing cold from the hot flashes, but my body is coming back.

Heck yes!

The GIRLS are back!!!


  1. I'm going to need a picture.

    HA! TOTALLY kidding! But so pumped for you AND your girls my friend! ;)