Sunday, March 13, 2011

Epic Fail kinda of day

S invited me to go for a bike ride with a group of triathletes Saturday. Of course, I said yes before I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew the ride was going to be difficult, considering that I haven’t been on my bike much lately and just had my lovely Lupron dose Friday. I was smart enough to know that these athletes were stronger and faster. I figured it’d be a challenge, but I had no idea.

Goodness gracious, I struggled on that ride! I know I’m out of shape when...just 40 miles on the bike is now hurting my booty. As Kate would say, “HOLY HELL!”. 

I pushed and pushed to keep up with them, but I fell behind constantly. S would fall back each time and let the other three take off. Then I’d apologize for being so slow while gasping for air and sniffling my runny nose. He kept saying it was fine. That I was doing great. But, I know I should be better. Well, I used to be better. 

During the ride, the dry mouth from the Lupron had me inhaling water like a camel. I had all my water, plus S’s 3 bottles. It is crazy how much this drug makes me thirsty! I keep drinking and drinking, but the dry mouth doesn’t go away.

I thought I did fine. I got home with plenty more energy and excited over being on the bike. I watched a movie with my best friend, Kim, and then attempted to sleep. But sleep didn’t come much. I’d wake up every 30 minutes or so, thirsty. I’d have to get up, drink, and then try again. I felt like I was working out all night with the amount of movement and water intake.

This morning, I felt like I was hit by a train. I told myself to just get up and get moving--that I’d feel better once I got out the door. I moved slow. I got ready for church. I drove to church. But then I turned back around and came home after realizing I was over 30 minutes late.

I also missed the triathlete party that S was asking me to go to. And i missed hanging out with Stacey during the day like I had promised.

Toady,just felt like fail, fail, fail. EPIC fail kind of day.
Maybe tomorrow it will get better.


  1. I would say you did pretty darn good girl! I know when I was on Lupron and even now with the side effects that I still have from it, I cant do that much quite yet! I think youre being too hard on yourself! Everyone has their own pace, dont compare yourself to others, because there are things you are better or faster at than them on. :)

  2. It will get better! I understand that feeling of not being "as good as I use to be." I've had to learn that this is what my body is capable of NOW and it's not the same was body was capable of before, and to just be okay with that. But sometimes its really hard to not be able to hang on the rides I use to be able to and feeling like I'm always off the back, or worse just deciding not to go because I'm not what I use to be. It will get better.

  3. Yes! I rowed during a comp recently and my mouth was so dry my lips were sticking to my teeth! No hands while rowing so I had to stick it out - not fun. And people were taking pics the whole time which made it embarrassing too!!