Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sisterly love

My sister is so awesome at getting crumbs in my bed.

We munched on some 97% fat free popcorn and 90% cocoa. I was out of twizzlers and animal crackers, but we managed to raid the cabinets for some form of junk food tonight. Sister talk requires snacking.

Renee, my older sis, flew in from NY today to visit me in Arkansas for the first time. I’m beyond thrilled to have her with me. I probably didn’t show it that well when she arrived. My body hurt and I was trying not to throw up. But I was happy. So extremely happy that she would spend a week with me.

Renee at the airport
“Who do you like better? Kyle or Jimmy Boy?”, she asks, laughing. Then she goes into talking about Mr. Hockey. “You won’t find anyone like Mr. Hockey...just call him...maybe he thinks you don’t like him...just call him back”.

“No, no, no”, I say, “he’s a lost cause. We haven’t seen eachother since June, he’s in MN, and we only talk once a week”. Pretty dang pointless to me.

My sis replies, “Well, what do you want? You want him to like you so much that he annoys you...and scares you off?”.


“What’s wrong with Kyle?”, she asks.

More silence.

Then my reply makes us double over in laughter.

“He likes me too much, Renee. It’s annoying”.

The giggles continue as we have our sister talks, munching on “healthy” junk food. I still can’t believe that my sis flew to Arkansas today. And that she is here with me.

Sisterly love. It’s the kind of love that picks you up when you’ve hit the ground. It makes you smile when you feel like crying. And gives you joy in the middle of Lupron shots.

Thank the good Lord for sisters.

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