Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life is beautiful...and so are my sisters

The time spent with my sisters has been so amazing and restful.

I started this blog post last night, after eating an amazing dinner with my sisters, while we were settling in  at the hotel. I only wrote one sentence and posted a few pics before I had to stop writing. I got distracted by the little baby girl snuggling next to me. 

I had to give up on posting. Not because of pain this time. 

I had to cuddle with my buddy. 

Now the night has passed. I am sitting at the Jax Airport, waiting for my flight back home. I miss my cuddle partner. I miss my sisters. And I miss my mom too. 

I am so thankful for the past week. Thankful that I was able to be with those that I love as we step into the new year. I am thankful that I wasn’t alone in bed, recovering from my third shot. I am thankful for the laughter, hugs, kisses, cuddling, and warmth of my sisters and niece. 

I wish I could bottle up all the giggles from this week and savor them forever. 

And in a way I did. 

I have hundreds of pictures. Snapshots of love, laughter, and happiness. Images of the precious people in my life. Keepsakes that will last for the rest of my life. Etched in my memory and displayed on a screen. 

Getting my nails done Bella style

Hanging out with 3 of my 4 brothers and niece

Loving every minute spent with my sisters

Fully enjoying coconut cream pie with Nee & Bella
Pictures that will get me through the lonely nights. Make me smile when the tears are plenty. And comfort me when the road seems endless and winding. 

Life is beautiful. 

I have a 2 1/2 year old buddy to show as proof. 


  1. Little Bella is so adorable. I like her cowgirl boots in the one picture. :D

  2. and that's called BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad you had a great time!

  3. I am so glad you had so much fun my dear!! And you and your sisters are just gorgeous!! Plus, Bella is just about the most adorable little one I have EVER seen! :)