Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I will survive

I did it.

Lupron shot #3.

My booty is sore and my pelvis is in pain. Is it because I got the injection 11 days later than schedule? Perhaps, but Dr. G said I’d be fine.

I will survive.

I woke up with a thin blanket of snow outside my window this morning. Even though today was my “rest” day from running, I couldn’t resist a little jog in the 12 degree weather before the Lupron dose. I was burning up from the hot flashes (that seem to last forever) so all I put on was a thin pair of nike pants and long sleeve shirt over a tank. I was warm enough, but my fingers told me it was madness to be outside in the cold.

Ready to slip and slide on the road!
I took a million pics of the snow. Well, 165 to be exact.

Picture of the frozen lake 

The pretty winter in Arkansas :)

I was in my glory, snapping pictures left and right with my numb fingers.

And trying to procrastinate the shot of poison a little while longer.

After the shot, I laid down for about 7 hours, trying to relieve the pressure on my bones and female parts. I fought the nausea and didn’t even throw up once. I even ate dinner. A normal dinner. Wheat macaroni and cheese and green beans (well, normal to me now).

I’m doing better tonight. I’m in pain and fighting the side effects of the first few days of hell after the shot, but I’m doing better than the first two rounds.

According to my marathon training plan, I’m supposed to run 10 miles tomorrow. Hopefully, I will hit it up. Hopefully, the pain will subside and the nausea will fade.

But if I can’t run, than that’s okay.

I’ve learned that life goes on anyway.

And I will survive.


  1. Hoping you're feeling up for that run tomorrow friend... You are a total rockstar in my eyes!

    And I am DYING to know what you think of Dr. Cook! Send me an e-mail when you get a chance to let me know what you've done with them so far. singleinfertilefemale@yahoo.com