Monday, November 1, 2010

Heaven in a Tube

Just when I thought that I’ve tried everything (besides the squirrel poop that S.I.F. had shared a couple of weeks ago), I am presented with another weapon in the battle against Endo. 


As I was sitting on the kitchen floor this morning, trying to figure out how I was going to get up, I remembered the little tube of cream that was given to me while training. I hadn’t tried the cream yet, because of the simple fact that it says not to use with a heating pad (and I am attached to my heating pad through-out the day). But in my pained, desperate state, I got my booty up and found the lonely Precise on the counter. I promptly emptied out 1/2 the tube and lathered my ribcage, tummy, pelvis and back.

And then I waited. 

The warming sensation similar to icy hot flooded my core. 

"Oh, heaven!” 

I’m pretty sure I did a little jig in the kitchen in my excitement.  

I then shuffled down the hallway, careful to avoid sudden movements, and made it to my closet to put on my padded bike shorts. I was determined to take advantage of this little bit of heaven! 

After gearing up for the road, I slid on my bike seat, clipped in, and heading out....of the sub-division. 

OH SNAP!?!?!!?

I have not been out of the sub-division gates on my bike in weeks! 

Inside the gate, I am “safe”. The roads are flat and close to home. But outside of the gate, the hills are treacherous and intimidating. 

Today, I conquered those hills. Tylenol Precise and I completed a 15 mile bike ride (the same route that I would use as my “warm up” 3 months ago). 

Afterwards, I took some glamour show that I was still standing with my heavenly cream. 

Disclaimer: To be honest, I don’t really know if this stuff really works. It might just be my desperate attempt to try anything that makes me believe it helps. 


  1. Ha! It sounds better than squirrel poop to me! :)

    I'm going to have to check this stuff out... And I am SO proud of you!!

  2. Thanks S.I.F! I lathered on some more this morning and did some lunges. Woohoo! ;)

  3. awesome. glad it did the trick

  4. Thanks ladies! I’m kinda living off this stuff now. It’s THAT good!