Saturday, October 30, 2010

Missing Love

I miss having someone. I miss kisses and hugs and holding hands. I miss seeing pictures with someone else beside me, instead of the cropped memories that remain.

I miss saturdays spent next to the one who I was planning my life with. I miss snuggling in bed and arguing about who would get up to shut the lights off. I miss tickle wars and laundry fights.

I miss waking up with someone next to me. I miss going to the grocery store and planning out our meals together. I miss being able to cry to someone...and have him hold me.

I miss dreams of a life together with someone special. I miss random texts, e-mails, and phone calls out of the blue to say “i love you”. I miss white roses  being delivered at work. I miss having my love be my gym partner. I miss holding someones hand.

I don’t miss my ex. I just miss having someone. I miss being loved. I miss being able to love.

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