Friday, October 22, 2010

Just a female problem

A client of mine has lost 55 pounds in the last 14 weeks. When we started training, he was 267 pounds. He suffered from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, low-testosterone, hypothyroid, and was borderline diabetic. 

The first time I had him get on a bike outside, he barely made it a mile. I am serious. I was glaring at his heart rate monitor on any incline out of fear that he was pushing too hard.

My client and I in August 2010
A lot has changed since that man was huffing and puffing on that first mile in July. He biked 100 miles in the Tour de Cure last week, raising awareness and financial support for the American Diabetes Association. He biked 150 miles at the end of September, raising awareness for the MS Society. In short, he’s kicking butt now. And I love it. 

This morning, as I was attempting to walk a mile in frustration and pain, my client biked past me. It was embarrassing to me because I knew I looked pathetic. I felt my whole face flush and I did my best not to cry. Here I was hobbling along and he’s getting ready to hit up the 40-mile bike ride I had mapped out for him.

After walking just a mile, my body hurt worse. The pain was intense all day. In class, I found myself wondering if there was an outlet near my desk where I could plug in a heating pad. 

I have been in bed with my heating pad pretty much since 4pm today. The pain in my pelvis is piercing. I’m exhausted, but I can’t find any relief. 

The other day, this client who has completely changed his life around, came to me with a gift. He handed me a bag of some wristbands. They are the type that most wear to raise awareness and support for a cause or disease. We get these wristbands whenever we do bike rides or runs for various organizations like the MS Society, ADA, St Jude Children’s Hospital, etc. When he handed me the bag of wristbands, I assumed he had signed up for a ride without me (which seems to be the case lately). I asked him what cause he was riding for next. And he said, “For your cause”. 

I didn’t quite understand what he was talking about until I looked at the wristbands he had made:

It kinda makes ya think. Is there any point in hoping? Is there any point in wearing a wristband?

Does anyone really care about finding a cure? 

I have ran for cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and other disease. I have biked for veterans and raising awareness on human slavery. 

But no one raises awareness for endometriosis. 

I have searched for races, rides, runs,  and walks for endo in the past. I cannot find anything. Maybe I am just clueless? After all, I didn’t even realize that I could connect with other women struggling with endo until I discovered the blog world. But it seems as though no one talks about it because it is a “female problem”. 

My client is amazing and I am beyond thankful for his heart and dedication. He continues to push, even though I can’t move. I know he meant only kindness when he had these wristbands made...and that makes me love them.

But to be honest, I don’t think anyone really cares. I think that if I wear these wristbands, someone might just think I am complaining about a bad period. 


  1. Maybe we should start a run for a cure! I would be in!!

  2. I'm with Michaela!! I would be there! In a heartbeat! Probably having to stop to walk every mile or so, but you know - I would give it my all!! :)

    And I love your client! How freaking amazing is he?!?

  3. I’m totally with both of you, ladies! I’d love to do a run/walk/bike for endometriosis someday!

  4. Let someday be today! Breast Cancer was just a "female problem" until one woman stood up and said that enough was enough. Have you heard of the DDPP revolution? It's not for a cure but it was one woman's idea that is spreading across the nation! You have the idea. You have the bracelets. You have the supporters. Just tell us when and where.

  5. There was a run in Georgia earlier this year ( ).

    I really would love to start one in California but I'm not sure where to even begin.

    But way to go on the amazing client. Makes me want to give him a huge hug!

  6. Hey Jen, I hadn’t heard of DDPP, but I “googled” it. :) LOOKS LIKE FUN!

    I spoke with someone today about setting up a run/walk here in Northwest Arkansas or another location. It will take some time and planning for sure, but I’m a pretty determined gal!

    Ashley, thanks for sharing the No Time For Pain 5k link! Very cool! I live in Northwest Arkansas, but I’d fly to California to do a race no doubt!